Women Absolutely Love Their Sex Toys

Some say that women have it better when it comes to sex. First of all, when you take into consideration who gets more pleasure out of it, their moans might be a clue. Second of all, there are so many ways that a woman can cum that it is almost no contest as to who is winning this argument. They can always pull a sex toy out of the hat, and they don’t even need a man to satisfy their desires. They can do it themselves, and they can do it even better.

Orgasm Woman

Sexy Toys Are No Longer a Taboo For Women

By 2030, the sex toy industry will be $62 billion. What does that tell us? Maybe women are in dire need of good passionate sex, and maybe men are not delivering on their promises? These are just some assumptions usually made by women. Men would of course tend to disagree. They are only getting the joys of the infamous FleshLight and some other not so useful masturbators.

Back in the day, sex toys were a thing of a taboo. Women did not want to admit that they were using these instruments for various reasons. One of them was the fact that their men were too insecure regarding their inability to pleasure them, and in those times, it was all about men’s pleasure. Today, women are buying each other sex toys like vibrators usually as a part of a “joke,” but in reality, they know that they aren’t going to walk into a sex shop and buy it for themselves.


Vibrators At The Top Of The Shopping List

With guys, it is different. They would go into the sex shop and ask the owner of the store if they could try out the toy first. Things changed. We have various sex toys in all shapes and sizes, and in every color of the rainbow (or even transparent) because the market was thoroughly researched, and now there is a whole industry behind it and you can easily and discreetly order online.

If you go to any online sex shop, the women’s section is by far larger than the men’s. They have a selection of all kinds of sex toys like vibrators, dildos, sex dolls, and even sex machines, but by far, the lingerie section and the BDSM tools are what women shop for the most. We know most women just really love shopping, and also online they are the biggest shoppers when it comes to ordering a new vibrator or sexy lingerie set.


Men Use Helpful Sex Toys To Satisfy Their Women

Men usually have a selection of masturbators that can fit in their hands. There are various materials used to make these, from ordinary plastic to special molds of rubber that almost resembles real skin. There are cock rings, and then there are penis extensions, also made more for the pleasure of women than men. So, in reality, out of those $62 billion, women are those who are the ones making all the money for the sex toy industry.

When all is said and done, men usually don’t even bother with all the add-ons that these toys create. They just want to do the deed and get on with their day. For women, it’s different. They care about the shapes and the sizes of their vibrators and dildos after they select their favorite color pattern. Still, both enjoy a good orgasm. And when a man can’t hit the right spot, who else is going to get the job done but the toy hidden in the bottom drawer.