It’s easy to view local sex as, well, local. And whenever we’re talking about local we are talking about of course something that is limited and immediately available. While there is a lot to be happy about finding tons of local sex and banging lots of local women who are horny for a thick, hard dick there is more to it than that. Sadly too many guys tend to look at local sex as exactly that. It’s very superficial. They view the benefits that arise from having many local partners as essentially a superficial thing. It’s all about them reaching orgasm. It’s all about them cumming inside a woman or cumming inside her mouth, blowing their load all over her face. I mean this is all well and good. I mean there’s a lot of beauty in consensual sex but if you are a full human being who wants to really live up to your fullest potential as a universal being that is connected with a greater reality above and beyond your physical needs you need to start thinking more broadly.

The first step to this is of course to look at the definitions that you’ve allowed yourself to be a slave to. And when you look at sex as primarily a physical thing and when you look at local sex as primarily a local way of getting pussy that’s nearby, you are essentially just enjoying your chain. In many cases, you make them invisible because your assumptions become so pervasive and so deep that they color your reality. This doesn’t have to be the case.

You can look at your search for local sex as a key that unlocks other aspects of your life. You can look at it as a challenge and when you overcome that challenge this shows you the full range of potential that you have under your control. You have to remember that you are the most powerful being in this universe. Why? You have the ability to perceive. I’m saying this from your perspective.

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Of course there is a greater reality. I mean I don’t want to get into a metaphysical debate with you, but in terms of your personal capacity to perceive and process reality you are the most powerful being because it’s your perspective that matters. That’s why you have to make that perspective count. You must make sure that your perspective unlocks your potential instead of unnecessarily limits you.

And sadly one of the best ways to do this is to have a very superficial and physical definition of sex. Sex can be a gateway to higher spiritual and universal and almost cosmological experience. It can be a very beautiful thing. Why settle for fish and chips when you can have caviar.