They say blondes have more fun and these blondes are out to prove that such a statement could not be any closer to the truth as they suck and fuck like there’s no tomorrow. The girls of Blonde Bangers are firm bodied and roaring to go as their hot pussies can be seen at $24.95 a month.

The girls of Blonde Bangers make it painfully obvious that none of them are really blonde as most of them have dark roots that are several inches long while others try to pass off as dirty blondes, when the truth is that their bleach has faded and what was once brown now just looks different shades of grey. Very few girls have faces that are easy on the eyes, while most of them are just incredibly skanky as their faces look like they’ve been slapped with one too many cocks. However, they’re not opposed to getting down and dirty over and over again in this site which is fairly navigable with downloadable videos that are fast and easy, just like these sluts at the Blonde Bangers website.

Videos can be downloaded as Windows Media (WMV) or MP4 files. Downloading options include low, medium, and high resolution and each scene contains a description from the makers themselves as well as galleries of nice quality still shots of everything that happens in motion. These blonde girls, for the most part, are not young and often speckled in tattoos and piercings. If you like the white trash look, then you’ll love the ladies here as they all seem to have come from some of the dirtiest trailers around. If you don’t like this look, however, there is way better porn out there with blondes sucking and fucking.

Extra features include 19 bonus sites from the network such as Honey Chest, POV Fantasy, Club Cythera and Global Pornstars. The More Bonus Sites section offers many more like Real Gang Bangs, Her First Anal, Desperate Teens and Dudes Lucky Day. If that isn’t enough for you, other sites from third parties are also offered, such as Just Turned 18, Union Girls, Slutty Grandmas, and Virtual Reality.

Blonde Bangers Pictures: (Image quality and size is reduced)

Blonde Bangers - Blowjob
Blonde Bangers - Fuck
Blonde Bangers - Porn
Blonde Bangers - Pussy
Blonde Bangers - Sucking


There isn’t too much to say about this site. If you want to see blondes that have sex on camera aka Blonde Bangers, there are plenty of other better sites out there. This one seems like it’s just trying to make a buck off of a very broad theme, and they didn’t put too much effort or thought into what went up. If you like trashy sluts who will do anything they are told, the site is super, but again there are others like that as well which are better, provide simpler navigation as well as more features to choose from. This tends to be much more sloppy than many I have seen, and the name itself is just condescending as these girls don’t even attempt to look blonde half the time. I did like most of these dirty wannabe blonde sluts though and with over 250 videos and lots of bonus content it’s worth taking a look at Blonde Bangers.

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