Bus Stop Whores contains sluts that act hard, kinda like your neighborhood bully, or in this case, ‘bitch’. The guys get these hot girls to strip, suck and fuck for money, and the girls’ big mouths and talking back will not stop them! On the outside, these sluts are tough as hell. But once you get them hooked, they’ll reveal their ‘softer’ side.

Now these sluts at Bus Stop Whores really are tough! I saw some footage of a chick that physically assaults this guy that she ends up sucking off! And another one mouths off saying she’s going to kick the guy’s ass but ends up sucking and fucking him! These sluts are all talk. They need to just shut up and suck on a big cock haha.

The Bus Stop Whores site design is really easy to follow. Once you are logged in as a member, you choose Bus Stop Whores from the dropdown menu at the upper right hand corner, and you are at a page that displays all Exclusive Movies at the top and all bitches of Bus Stop Whores. The images are all displayed in thumbnails, so you click on whichever one you want to check out and it’ll take you to the page to see Video Clips, watch the entire movie, or to view the photo gallery. At the time of this review there were 44 episodes available, and it seems to me there haven’t been any recent updates in awhile.

In the Video Clips section, you will see about 30-45 clips lasting about 1 minute long each. They are available in 3 different speeds: low/med/high. If you’re watching one and it seems choppy, you have the ability to click a link and change it to a different one. If you want to watch the entire movie, it is also provided in 3 different speeds, low/med/high. If you’re not sure which version you need, there is even a link that will help you determine which one you need. You also have the option to download the entire video to your hard drive.

The quality of the movies at Bus Stop Whores is ok, not the best, but nothing to complain about too much. It just seems a bit amateur, that’s all. Don’t expect porn movie DVD quality. There was a really interesting movie of this tough bitch named Missy. She physically assaults and mouths off to this guy with a black and white painted face on him. She softens up to him once she’s at his place and even strips outta her tight, slutty clothes and ends up fucking him. He gets back at her for the earlier assault by cumming all over her bitch face! A perfect happy ending!

As far as photos go, you get access to the Photo Gallery. You get about 60-100 pics per slut. The photos in the Photo Gallery were of the same quality as the movies, pretty clear. But some were a bit blurry. I checked out these pics of this trailer-trash looking slut named Wendi. I swear this is a dude with hair, her face looks so tough and she carries herself like a guy LOL. But DAMN she has a beautiful pussy, the lips are so puffy and pink. She really likes to finger herself. There are a LOT of pics of her with her ring finger slid into her super wet pussy!

On Bus Stop Whores, you get quite a few bonuses in addition to the bitches you find on there! You get xxx movies, reality archives, thousands of exclusive bonus movies, live shows, and access to 32 bonus sites!

Bus Stop Whores Pictures: (Image quality and size is reduced)

Bus Stop Whores - Fuck
Bus Stop Whores - Girl
Bus Stop Whores - Hottie
Bus Stop Whores - Slut
Bus Stop Whores - Whore


I wasn’t too crazy about the content on Bus Stop Whores, mainly because I’m not into hard, tough chicks. But for someone that likes that type of whore, this is your site, and the price is reasonable for all the content you gain access to, not just the stuff on this site alone but also all the bonus content. The other thing that got me was the quality wasn’t 100% DVD quality, which is a biggie for me. This porn site seems amateur and even the shots they got were quite amateur, you could see the cameraman in mirrors, etc. It’s a site that belongs in the reality porn site genre. Also keep in mind that there haven’t been any recent updates. If you end up joining and not liking the content on Bus Stop Whores, you always have full access to 32 other sites to check out if there’s anything you like better on there! There really is something for everyone!

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